7orca vega income

The 7orca Vega Income fund is an ideal bond substitute for investors who want to diversify their fixed income portfolio smartly

It collects the volatility risk premium exclusively in bond and currency underlyings. As a result, it represents an additional source of income in the fixed-income segment that does increase neither the credit risk nor the liquidity risk of the portfolio. The target net return is 2% to 3% p.a.

Our proven option strategy enables us to collect the volatility risk premiums that are independent of the prevailing interest rate regime. The 7orca Vega Income follows the established 7orca short volatility investment process, centred around our proprietary risk management.

The investment management company of the 7orca Vega Income fund is Universal-Investment-GmbH. The basis for the acquisition of shares are the statutory documents.
Share class IShare class R


Fund managerTom Pansegrau, CFA
ISINDE000A2PMW03 (share class I)
DE000A2PMW11 (share class R)
Fund domicile and legal formGermany, UCITS
Launch date22.07.2019
Utilisation of incomedistributing
Advisor and fee7orca Asset Management AG
0.47% p.a. (share class I)
1.17% p.a. (share class R)
Investment management company and feeUniversal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH
0.25% p.a. (share class I)
0.25% p.a. (share class R)
Custodian and fee1BNP Paribas Securities Services
0.03% p.a. (share class I)
0.03% p.a. (share class R)
Effective issuing price surchargenone
Minimum investmentEUR 250,000 (share class I)
none (share class R)
Performance related feenone

1 Volume-dependent scale

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