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7orca was founded in 2017 by seven experts. Over the past ten years, they had worked together for a leading European provider to build up the global currency overlay management and to design and implement complex option-based strategies

By consistently expanding its existing expertise, 7orca has become an established quantitative and systematic asset manager. The company offers institutional investors strategies for managing currency risks and for tapping volatility as an alternative source of returns.

Assets under Management

Since the foundation of 7orca, our assets under management have grown steadily. We consider this a vote of confidence by our investors and an accolade for our performance. We earn this appreciation every day anew.

Assets under management in EUR bn. Q1-2020 figures are forecasts. As as of 31.12.2019


7orca’s target clients are institutional investors with a focus on asset managers, family offices, foundations, insurance companies and retirement provision institutions.

Client breakdown by AuM. As of 31.12.2019

62% Currency Overlay
38% Short Volatility

Investment Strategies

7orca has established a sound reputation as a quantitative and systematic asset manager by consistently pursuing its proven expertise. The company offers strategies aimed at institutional investors to manage currency risks and to exploit volatility as an alternative source of return.

Investment strategies‘ share of revenues, scaled to 100%. As of 31.12.2019


7orca is supported by the pension fund of the dentists Berlin (Versorgungswerk der Zahnaerzte Berlin, a corporation of public law, VZB) and the asset manager Assenagon S.A. as shareholders. 7orca’s employees hold approx. 75% of the company’s shares. Their long-term perspective and entrepreneurial approach ensure a congruence of interests with their customers.

74,40% Employees
12,80% Versorgungswerk der Zahnaerzte Berlin, a corporation of public law (VZB)
12,80% Assenagon S.A.
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